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Which organisations should we refuse to work with? An ethical and moral dilemma


This case directly concerns myself and others who work or used to work in business and industry. I was a technical consultant working for a computer company involved with the selling of computers and storage systems. By themselves computers do nothing – they are morally neutral, they require people to turn them on and use them. It is how and why they are used that can change this – they can be used for good or evil. The question is, what should I do when I know that the system is being sold to a company whose ethics or purpose is completely opposite to that which I believe in?

Lent: a time to review our lives before God


On the first Sunday of Lent, the gospel speaks of a time of solitude for Jesus in the desert immediately after His baptism. Jesus was driven by the Spirit into the desert to spend forty days. ‘Forty’ is a number often associated with intense spiritual experiences.