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Learning more about becoming a Catholic

Different people approach the stirrings of faith or a new interest in different ways. Some like to know more about the Church before they make first contact; others will want an idea of what is involved in becoming a Catholic.

You may have a friend you can talk to or you might be interested in learning more about Jesus or finding out how Catholics use Scripture (readings from the Bible) to pray.

You may wish to spend some quiet time in Prayer at home or at St Joseph’s or St Swithun’s Churches. We will welcome you at any time, including on Sunday when Mass is celebrated.

Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults

We have a Journey in Faith group: Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA). When the Church speaks about welcoming new people as members it says: The Rite of Initiation is suited to a spiritual journey of adults that varies according to the many forms of God’s grace, the free cooperation of the individuals, the action of the Church, and the circumstances of time and place.

The Rite of Initiation is how the Church refers to the process of welcoming new members.

Is suited to a spiritual journey – it is a time of growth for those seeking to know/experience God in their lives

Of adults – of any age or background.

That varies – there is not one blueprint

According to the many forms of God’s grace – for those who seek Him, God is already at work in their lives. An initial part of the process is to help people recognise this grace, God’s blessing in their lives.

The free cooperation of the individuals ­– people respond in different ways to God’s call

The action of the Church – to become a Catholic is to be a member of a universal body of believers who are grounded in local parish community.

And the circumstances of time and place – your life situation is an important factor within the process

RCIA – who is it for?

Is intended for those who are not members of the Catholic Church and those who wish to explore and understand the faith of the Church. If you were baptised a Catholic but have lapsed and wish to re-connect with the Church this group may also be able to respond to the questions you may have.

It begins with a time of enquiry, for asking questions and for reflection. This is done in a group with others who are also seeking and members of our parish. We meet on Monday Evenings during term time (7.45pm for 8–9.30pm) in the Parish Upper Room.

Who will be involved?

You will be invited to join a group – at this initial stage as an enquirer. The group will include a team, drawn from the local parish community, who will lead the time together in sharing input, reflection and prayer. It also includes other people at different stages in their faith journey.

The priests have a key role in supporting the group. The whole parish community will be involved in the process through prayer and witness. Some will have particular roles as sponsors and godparents – who accompany enquirers on their journey. Should you decide to join us you will receive a warm welcome.

Further information

Please contact Fr. Saju or Fr. Patrick on 020 8402 0459, or email or Deacon Barry Mellish at or 07445 417335.

Glossary of RCIA