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Time spent at home during lockdown seems an excellent opportunity to catch up with some modern or contemporary spiritual authors and their books. The problem is how to get hold of these if all the local libraries are shut.

The Open Library seems to offer a way forward, if you are happy to read or browse text on a computer, tablet or maybe even mobile phone.

‘The greatest gift of life is friendship, and I have received it’


It was Thanksgiving season in the nursing home. The small resident population gathered around their humble Thanksgiving table, and the director of the home asked each in turn to express one thing for which he or she was thankful for. “Thanks” were expressed for a home in which to stay, families, friends, etc. One old lady, when her turn came, she said, “I thank the Lord for two perfectly good teeth left in my mouth, one in my upper jaw and one in my lower jaw. They match so well that I can chew my food.” The psalmist says, “It is good to give thanks to the Lord.” (Ps.92:1). 

Where your treasure is, there will your heart be too


I wonder how many stories have been told or films made about buried treasure? You know the sort of thing. A clue is found that sets the ball rolling and we quickly discover the lengths that people will go to revealing the greedy instincts, of human nature, hiding just below the surface. 

Fr Peter’s message

Dear Parishioners & Friends of SS Joseph & Swithun,  It is lovely that at long last we are able to open the church doors again and I am able to greet parishioners as they enter for private prayer. As you know, Parish Masses must now be celebrated by the priest alone, without servers, readers or choirs.…