Finance and Accounts

Gift Aid Scheme

If you give just £1 per week and pay tax at the standard rate of 20%, the Parish receives your £52 a year, plus a refund of the tax you have paid on the £52, adding another £13 to your donation. Your weekly contributions may be made using numbered envelopes, or you can pay regular amounts by standing order. In May each year, you receive a statement of your total contributions for the tax year, and a new box of envelopes.
Contact: Carmel Zammit – 020 8402 0459

Parish Finance Committee

This exists to advise the parish priest and to assist him in the administration of the goods of the parish. In practice, the Committee oversees all the financial aspects of parish life and ensures that all income and expenditure is accounted for and that parish resources are wisely used.

Your Parish needs you!

Financially, the life of the Parish depends entirely on the generosity of our parishioners through their weekly offerings. The Parish income needs to match its ordinary outgoings, as well as setting aside funds to pay existing debts and plan for future developments to make the Parish more effective in its work.

We invite you to give according to your means and the needs of the Parish. Please give what you can consistently and according to your conscience.
Our preferred way for you to give is by bank or building society standing order; please obtain a standing order form from the Parish Office. If you prefer to give using weekly numbered envelopes, please ask the Parish Office for a box of envelopes.
If you pay Income or Capital Gains tax, the Parish can benefit from a repayment of the tax you have paid on your
donations, giving an additional 28% to the Parish. In order to do this, please complete a Gift Aid declaration from the
Parish Office, and when you have completed it, return it to the Parish Office.