Deepening our love for Jesus in Holy Communion


Celebrating First Holy Communion with nearly 50 families over two weekends in the first part of May was truly a time of great joy and festivity for our entire Parish community.Last Sunday, those families were there again with their children. They lined up with other members of the community to receive Jesus in Holy Communion. This is a cause of continuing joy for us all. Hope rises up in our hearts that these faith-filled children will be the mums and dads who, 20 or more years from now, will accompany their children to the Altar. They will pray “Amen” to the words of the Minister “Body of Christ” – “Blood of Christ”.

“Amen” is the very Hebrew word used by Mary as she said “Yes” to God’s invitation to become his Mother. Jesus became a bodily living presence in her womb.

Every mother knows the deep intimate bond that exists between herself and the child of her womb. Every time we receive Holy Communion, Jesus is saying, “I want to come to you and make my home in you. I want you to embody my loving, life-giving risen presence in your life.” He says to us, “Make your home in me as I make mine in you.”

The consecrated hosts that are left over after Holy Communion are placed in the Tabernacle. The red light that continually burns in the sanctuary reminds us of the continuing presence of Jesus. On occasion, we take one large consecrated host from the Tabernacle and place it in a beautiful display container called a monstrance. When placed on the altar with lighted candles we are invited to be just lovingly present to Jesus who is present to us. We look on Him with love.