Why our Parish should become a fair-trade Parish


My name is Cristiana Borg, a Key Stage 2 pupil, and I attend St Joseph’s RC Church, Bromley. I think that the parish council at my church should resolve for our parish to become a Fair Trade parish.

Fair Trade defines a Fair Trade faith community as “any…… community which has agreed through its appropriate council or meeting to use Fairtrade products, especially tea and coffee, at its own events, have Fairtrade products available for use in buildings owned or run by the faith community, and to promote the concept and practice of Fairtrade.” (Fair Trade, 2006).

The benefits of this move could be huge because:

  • traders in tea and coffee would receive a fair deal;
  • St Joseph’s parishioners would be promoting Fair Trade to other Bromley churches; and
  • it would further support the Justice and Peace movement.

By Cristiana Borg, aged 9. Cristiana is working towards her PIN level Faith In Action award.