St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School


I am extremely proud of St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, which is a welcoming and inclusive school, highly regarded by the families that choose it for their child’s primary education. It is also delightful to highlight below some of the recent findings made by both Ofsted and the Catholic Schools Inspectorate, which considered our school ‘Outstanding’. So if you are looking for a school for your child, contact the school to arrange a visit and see the school in action! Fr Peter Murphy, Parish priest.

The reports found that:

  • Leaders and staff have high expectations of pupils. They want every pupil to be gentle and fair, and to always do their best in their learning.
  • The curriculum is ambitious, and pupils learn well in a wide range of subjects, especially English and mathematics.
  • The robust and supportive nature of the school ensures every individual is valued, encouraged and enabled to achieve their full potential academically, socially and spiritually. 
  • Pupils are encouraged to be creative in their learning. They demonstrate their understanding and knowledge in writing, role-play, art, drama, dance, singing and IT. 
  • Pupils thrive, enjoy learning and achieve the highest standards. 
  • The school encourages pupils to develop their leadership skills and use these to benefit others. 
  • Pupils’ thoughtful and kind attitudes at St Joseph’s School reflect its positive ethos. They do their best to live out the school’s value of treating each other the way they would like to be treated. Pupils are safe and very happy at school.
  •  The school develops confident, articulate and well-rounded young people equipped to maximise their potential and strives to provide the very best outcomes for all pupils. 
  • Parents speak very highly of the school; they clearly understand the school’s mission and are very supportive of this. They are incredibly proud of the school, applauding the accessibility and availability of staff and the warm welcome they receive.

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