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Thank you for celebrating my Golden Jubilee


A huge thank you to the nearly one thousand people who gathered to celebrate with me a Mass of Thanksgiving on the occasion of my Golden Jubilee of Ordination to the priesthood. The joy-filled and festive experience was for me superlative in every way.

Modes of encounter with Christ in his people

Pope Benedict XVI has given us a truly memorable phrase: “There is nothing more beautiful than the encounter with Christ.” Specifically, in the celebration of Mass, we meet him in his people, in his Word proclaimed, in Holy Communion shared, and in the Minister presiding.

Gratitude is the source and summit of life


Recently, a number of people who have lived to be over 100 were interviewed about what contributed to their long life. While there was great diversity in what they had to say, they had one thing in common: an “attitude of thankfulness and an interest in the world around them”.

As the situation for homeless people worsens, local opportunities to help increase


For several years this Parish has helped to run the Bromley Homeless Shelter, providing an evening meal, a safe warm bed overnight, and breakfast, for the homeless in Bromley during the winter months. Our parishioners have cooked and stayed with the homeless overnight, and a team have provided clean bed-linen every week; and you have sponsored the Shelter financially, so thank you all very much for all you have done.

Homily – Fr. Cyril Elkington

My dear friends in Christ. I count it a great honour to have been invited by dear Father Cyril to preach the homily today. Not leaving anything to chance he prepared his obituary except of course the date of his death.  This is printed on the back of the Order of Service. “Remember me as…

Lent: journeying with Jesus


Lent begins with reflection on the temptation of Jesus in the wilderness. The Fathers of the Church explain that Jesus’s temptations are described after his baptism to teach us why we are tempted and how we should conquer temptations.