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Join us at our Advent Time Out – 23 November

A former chaplain to Pax Christi will facilitate our 2015 Advent Time Out, which takes place this year on Monday 23 November. Read more →

Our church needs your practical support – and your prayers

We are looking for parishioners to support the church – both practically and with your prayers. Read more →

Standing at the doorway to an encounter with God


Doors and doorways are a powerful symbol in the human imagination. Not many years ago, young members of a family were given a key to the front door on their 18th birthday, marking a point of maturity and responsibility. Doorways are places of encounter — marking arrivals and departures, welcomes and fond farewells. Read more →

Bromley parish to host peace icon

Our Parish of St Joseph’s, Bromley, will host the Pax Christi Icon of Peace. Read more →

Pets blessed at celebration event for St Francis

Dogs, cats and guinea pigs were blessed when parishioners brought their pets to a special celebration at St Joseph’s Church.

Dennis Read more →

Pax Christi invites Catholics to join them in prayer for the Middle East and North Africa

Pax Christi is calling for another time of prayer, fasting and action for the Middle East and North Africa – in particular Syria, Palestine and Israel, Iraq, Afghanistan and Yemen. Read more →

Music, food, man and beast welcome to St Francis feast

All St Joseph’s choirs are coming together to lead us in a celebration of the Feast of St Francis in early October.

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Deacons Barry and Aidan make a bald move for charity

Deacons Aidan McPartlan and Barry Mellish are sporting a new look after raising more than £1,300 in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support – and the donations are still coming in.

Barry Aidan Billie
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Deacons prepare for head shave to raise money for cancer charity

Deacons Aidan McPartlan and  Barry Mellish will be losing their hair to raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Support, following Deacon Aidan’s future daughter-in-law’s diagnosis with leukaemia. Read more →

A moment of love and joy from our Medjugorie Pilgrimage


One morning, at the English Mass on our unforgettable Pilgrimage to Medjugorje, I could not help noticing the mother calming her disabled son with a gentle pressure on his arm when his desire to communicate — or to pray? – resulted in his becoming too noisy a participant in the Eucharist celebration. Every time she did this, he turned to her with an unforgettable look of pure love and joy, willingly obeying her. Read more →