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Fr Cyriac prepares to leave the parish

Fr Cyriac is moving on from St Joseph’s Parish, and parishioners are now able to show their appreciation for his ministry with a donation. Read more →

Guide us, great Redeemer, through life’s pilgrimage


Guide me, O thou great Redeemer,
pilgrim though this barren land.

We are all on a pilgrimage – our journey through life in a world which can be very barren, particularly if you are a refugee fleeing the wars that are raging throughout the world. Read more →

Marriage is one of the best schools on earth

By EDMUND ADAMUSDirector, Office of Marriage and Family Life – Diocese of Westminster

You may or may not have noticed that this has been Marriage Week. And the internet has been awash with a plethora of ideas to boost one’s marriage and the marriages of others. Bravo to the US Bishops in particular for their innovative “What have you done for your marriage?” quiz and other digital ideas. Read more →

Shrove Tuesday event will welcome new parishioners and celebrate ministries

On Shrove Tuesday, we will gather as a parish community to celebrate our care, welcome and gratitude for one another.

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Be thankful for the true significant people in our lives

By EDMUND ADAMUS, Director, Office of Marriage and Family Life – Diocese of Westminster

The other day I came across a rather witty set of questions entitled “The Charles Schulz Philosophy”, written by the creator of character Charlie Brown and the Peanuts comic strip. I am paraphrasing them here below and somewhat Anglicising them, but if you’ve never seen them before, read them through, answering them in your mind. Read more →

Give more love and forgiveness in order to receive consolation and love

By EDMUND ADAMUS, Director, Office of Marriage and Family Life – Diocese of Westminster

The Jubilee Year of Mercy has begun and we must all try our best to embrace the many special channels of grace and beauty and blessing that are unmistakably going to come our way from the Father’s loving heart for each one of us. Read more →

The value of keeping things simple in a darkened world

By EDMUND ADAMUS, Director, Office of Marriage and Family Life – Diocese of Westminster 

We all know that line of scripture about God choosing what is foolish in the world’s eyes to shame the wise. Well, I think in these rapidly passing days of Advent towards Christmas (especially as we’re now technically in a state of war – albeit very remotely – in Syria), we need some simple, innocent, uncomplicated joy to remind us that, whilst we take the Faith seriously, we ought not to take ourselves too seriously. Read more →

A brief reflection on the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of Mary

Mary stands before us as a sign of comfort, encouragement and hope. She turns to us, saying: “Have the courage to dare with God. Try it. Do not be afraid of him. Have the courage to risk with faith. Have the courage to risk with goodness. Have the courage to risk with a pure heart. Commit yourselves to God. Then you will see that it is precisely by doing so that your life will become broad and light – not boring, but filled with infinite surprises, for God’s infinite goodness is never depleted.” Read more →

Key talk highlights the value of the church’s special ministers

Father Ashley Beck gave a talk at a Day of Recollection for extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion and Readers, exploring the structure of Mass and the Eucharist. Read more →

Praise for St Joseph’s schoolchildren during Remembrance Day service

Pupils at St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School have been praised for the respect they showed during a remembrance service this week. Read more →