Local outreach groups

Bromley Borough Foodbank

The Bromley Borough Foodbank is now open at the United Reformed Church (URC) in Widmore Road (next to Boots). Those in need will be able access food any weekday at one or other centre. It is open on Tuesdays (10.00am–2.00pm) and Thursdays (12.00–4.00pm).

The Orpington branch is currently in temporary premises at The Temple URC, High Street, St Mary Cray.
The Orpington branch is open on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 10.00am–2.00pm.

Foodbank vouchers, obtainable from local authority departments, GPs, CABs, etc. can be used at either venue.

The Bromley branch has received over one tonne of donations from local churches and a special collection at Sainsbury’s in Lee Green. More donations are usually received from local churches and schools featuring Foodbank in their Harvest Thanksgiving services. Donations of non-perishable goods (food and toiletries) are welcome during opening hours or by special arrangement.

All enquiries regarding donations or volunteering opportunities should be made by calling 07774 526562. Foodbanks across the country are co-ordinated by the Trussell Trust (www.trusselltrust.org) – there are currently over 250 in the UK, feeding those who go hungry for reasons ranging from redundancy to receiving an unexpected bill on a low income.

Bromley Homeless Shelter

The Bromley Homeless Shelter provides a cooked evening meal, safe warm overnight accommodation, and breakfast each winter from 1 December to mid-March for up to 12 homeless people (guests) in Bromley Bourough.

St Joseph’s parishioners provide a laundry service weekly so that the guests have clean bedlinen, cooks for the evening meal, and volunteers to keep guests safe overnight; a recent sponsored sleep-out by a St Joseph’s parishioner raised over £1,000 for the shelter. Each winter, new volunteers are always required and welcome to replace those who move away or are unable to continue.

Christians Against Poverty

Christians Against Poverty (CAP) is a national charity that controls, among other services, over 300 local Debt Management centres; the centre nearest to Bromley is in Penge. A Debt Management centre helps those who have got into unmanageable debt to work their way out of that situation without suffering the worst consequences, such as being made homeless.

There is clear evidence that such a service is needed in the area around central Bromley. St Joseph’s Parish has agreed to part-fund this service, and volunteers will be needed to keep a watchful eye on individuals and families to ensure they keep to an agreed debt recovery plan.

LATCH Project

The LATCH (Living Amicably Together in Caring Homes) Project houses homeless 16- to 25-year-olds in the spare rooms of ordinary householders within the London Borough of Bromley. Bromley Churches’ Housing Action (BCHA) is a registered charity set up in 1988 to work for the relief of poverty among homeless people in the London Borough of Bromley and to provide, in particular, grants and short-term accommodation. Currently, the resources of BCHA are devoted to the LATCH Project.

For more information, visit www.latch-project.co.uk

Pax Christi

Pax Christi International is a global Catholic peace movement and network that works to help establish peace, respect for human rights, justice and reconciliation in areas of the world that are torn by conflict. It is grounded in the belief that peace is possible and that vicious cycles of violence and injustice can be broken.

Pax Christi works for:

  • Peace – based on justice. A world where human rights are respected, basic needs are met and people feel safe and valued in their communities.
  • Reconciliation – a process that begins when people try to mend relationships between individuals or whole countries after times of violence or dispute.
  • Nonviolence – a way of living and making choices that respects others and offers alternatives to violence and war.

Please support the work by volunteering and/or making a donation to Pax Christi. Without income their work cannot continue.

Mary Crosby is the Parish contact for Pax Christi. If you wish to help, either contact Mary by emailing crosby.maryb@gmail.com, the Parish office on admin@stjosephsbromley.org, or visit the international and UK websites at www.paxchristi.net or www.paxchristi.org.uk.