The home is a school of love, faith and virtue

By EDMUND ADAMUS, Director, Office of Marriage and Family Life – Diocese of Westminster

Yes it’s that time of year where little by little, many households are a hive of activity preparing for a return to schools, colleges and institutions of learning. But as this tsunami of new, yet familiar, demands sweeps over us, let’s not forget that ultimately the home is tasked and graced to be THE school of many things: It’s a school of love, faith, virtues, humanity, dignity, communion, fraternity, hospitality, friendship, moral courage, frugality but abundance (not wanton luxury) when appropriate, elegance, joy and above all sacrifice. Read more →

Together, we are part of a big story


Children love stories; so do adults. We enjoy telling stories and listening to them, too, and we love to hear a good story again and again. Our storytelling takes many forms — a mum or dad reading a story to their child at bedtime, with the favourite story  requested yet again. Try to skip a few lines and you will be called back on track! Read more →

Confession: It puts you straight with everyone


Reconciliation, aka confession, is the sacrament of the forgiveness of sin, which has many benefits. Here are ten… Read more →

Saying goodbye to Holy Ghost Fathers and their unique gift of friendship


The congregation of the Holy Spirit fondly known to us as the Holy Ghost Fathers came to live in St Joseph’s Parish in 1947. For the last 68 years, they have witness to the gentle action of the Holy Spirit at work in the ordinary and everyday events of our lives. Read more →

Living below the line – a challenging week


St Joseph’s Deacon Barry and his wife, Julia, are taking part in this week’s “Living Below the Line” challenge, which involves spending only £1 each day on food for five days. The challenge reconises that 1.2 billion people live on the equivalent of this every day of their lives. Here, he keeps us updated with his progress. Read more →

What do Jesus’s words mean during a general election campaign?


“He opened their minds.” These are words of Jesus given to us in the Gospel just now. What might these words mean as we find ourselves in the middle of the general election campaign? Read more →

We are what we eat – the ingredients of a spiritual sandwich

By EDMUND ADAMUS, Director, Office of Marriage and Family Life – Diocese of Westminster

Those of you who have been receiving and reading these weekly ‘thoughts for the weekend’ reflections since the beginning, may recall that I stated the original purpose of them was an opportunity, week by week, in between the Extraordinary Synod on the family (2014) and the Ordinary Synod on the family (2015), to focus some attention on the spirituality of Christian spousal love and family life. Read more →

Blessed are the pure in heart – why St Joseph is an inspiring model for us all

By EDMUND ADAMUS, Director, Office of Marriage and Family Life – Diocese of Westminster

This week marked the solemnity of St. Joseph, much overlooked in my view. His purity and integrity of heart, mind and body is such a wonderful and inspiring model for all of us, especially boys and men. When I think about St. Joseph, the recent words of Pope Francis in his official message for World Youth Day 2015 – “Have the courage to be happy” – echo with me where he declares,
 “We need to protect the purity of what is most precious of all: our heart and our relationships. This ‘human ecology’ will help us to breathe the pure air that comes from beauty, from true love, and from holiness.”

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Creating a family of families can enrich the life of our parish


Like every parish, St. Joseph’s is a family of families. We all know that families come in different shapes and sizes and that we each belong to one of them. Increasingly, individuals and families feel isolated and sense the need to belong to a support group that will enrich parish and family life.

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Which organisations should we refuse to work with? An ethical and moral dilemma


This case directly concerns myself and others who work or used to work in business and industry. I was a technical consultant working for a computer company involved with the selling of computers and storage systems. By themselves computers do nothing – they are morally neutral, they require people to turn them on and use them. It is how and why they are used that can change this – they can be used for good or evil. The question is, what should I do when I know that the system is being sold to a company whose ethics or purpose is completely opposite to that which I believe in? Read more →