Survey reveals a great love for our Parish – and ideas for development

St Joseph’s Parish is warm and welcoming and provides inspiring Masses that involve the community, according to the results of our Parish survey – but there is room for improvement. Read a summary and the full results from the survey here…

Key stats from the survey (which can be seen in full below) include:

  • More than 85% of respondents say the newsletter and website are key sources of information.
  • Almost 90% feel welcome at Masses.
  • Around 55% replied positively that the parish makes sufficient efforts to involve young adults and older children.
  • People are generally positive about the Masses – the frequency, the coming together at Easter and Christmas, the provision of special Masses, inspiring homilies and liturgies, the music.
  • People think the parish is well run and helpful, and has helped the Parish become closer over the past 10 years.
  • Social activities and group events help bring people closer together, and special outings are welcomed – though all respondents felt the social side needed to be improved.
  • Greeting and welcoming could be improved, and many suggestions were given about how this could be done.
  • Many suggested different types of Masses, which would help reduce the length of longer Masses, with more opportunities for evening prayers.
  • Some respondents said there was a lack of unity between parishioners and that a focus on fostering family groups and better communication would be a good thing.
  • Respondents felt more parishioners should get involved with volunteering, and that parishioners with specific skills could benefit the Parish team.
  • There were a lot of suggestions about getting young people involved in more events.
  • A number of respondents said they would like the church to do more to reach out to the poor and disadvantaged in the community.