Parishioners invited to register on new Parish database

A new comprehensive database has launched to provide a reliable and up-to-date account of SS Joseph & Swithun Parishioners’ contact details.Churchsuite, a software package used by many Christian churches, is now ready to use.

All Parishioners are asked to add their details to the database, helping create smoother communications within the Parish and reducing the administrative burden on the Pastoral team and Parish Secretary.

Access the database here and enter your details and those of your children under 18. Over-18s should submit their own data. Complete ‘required’ fields, and any other information you are happy to disclose. Churchsuite complies with the requirements of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

Your information will only be accessed by the Pastoral Team and authorised parish office staff for administrative Parish purposes. It will not be shared with third parties. When you enter your details, you will be asked to read a short version of the Southwark Diocesan Privacy Notice.

Your data submission will be confirmed by email. You sill subsequently be sent an invitation by email to set up a password so that you can create your own My Churchsuite account. You will then be able to log in and check or amend your personal record at any time. You can download the Churchsuite app (Android or iOS).

Churchsuite also offers various modules for facilitating a range of Parish activities, though these are not in use immediately.