Join a pilgrimage in eastern France

English-speakers are invited to a summer pilgrimage to the town where Jesus appeared to St Margaret Mary.

The Emmanuel Community welcomes English-speakers to join them in Paray-Le-Monial in France for a five-day session over 25-30 July 2017.

The Sanctuaries of Paray are waiting to receive thousands of participants who are mainly French speaking. However, the Emmanuel Community will provide attendees with live translation in English, specific teachings/sharing groups in English and a dedicated Tour of Paray to discover the town where Jesus appeared to St Margaret Mary in the 18th century.

This pilgrimage follows a five-day Mercy Mission held in London last November, when the relics of St Margaret Mary and St Claude La Colombière coming all the way from Paray-Le-Monial. Many people came from all over the English-speaking world came to join the English community to help praise, evangelise and coordinate the event.

Find out more about this mission in this video.