Fr Cyriac prepares to leave the parish

Fr Cyriac is moving on from St Joseph’s Parish, and parishioners are now able to show their appreciation for his ministry with a donation.

With his visa due to expire in March, Fr Cyriac had to decide whether to return home or seek a suitable college in which to pursue his visual media studies.

He spent a few days in Edinburgh to explore the possibilities available to him to pursue both his pastoral work and his studies.

“Wherever he goes, the sad truth is Father Cyriac will be leaving our parish,” says Fr Tom. “We will miss his gentle and kind spirit and his special charism for ministry to the sick and housebound, especially in St Swithun’s.”

Parishioners of St Joseph’s and St Swithun’s are able to show their appreciation for his work by using a special envelope to make a donation. The envelopes are currently available at the back of St Joseph’s Church and can be placed in the bag with the offertory collection.