Thanks to all who have generously donated to the Clergy Support Fund Campaign

The amount given and pledged by our Parish community to the Clergy Support Fund Campaign has now reached £92,670.

The campaign launched last year to inform everyone about how we care for our sick and retired priests and to ask for our support. It has so far been rolled out in half the parishes in the Diocese of Southwark. The total given or pledged so far is £2,020,300 which is just under half the target of £4,500,000.

If you were not able to attend any of the presentations and were away when the Campaign packs were distributed after Masses last year there are now some packs available at the back of the Church. There is also an informative Campaign website, which is very updated regularly.

The St Joseph’s Clergy Support Fund Campaign Team thanks all who have contributed so generously to the Sick and Retired Priests Fund Campaign.