Archbishop says family love can overcome selfishness

John Wilson, Metropolitan Archbishop of Southwark, has used his first Pastoral Letter since becoming Archbishop in July, to urge people to “change the face of the earth by loving one another”.

In his Pastoral Letter for the Solemnity of the Holy Family, which was read at Masses over the weekend of 28–29 December, the Archbishop says: “Whether rich or poor, our families, first and foremost, are places of love, modelled on the Holy Family….

“The love of the Christian family is rooted in faith in God’s word and trust in Christ’s promises. This love looks outwards to the good of others, seeking their holiness and their wellbeing. This love overpowers selfishness with generosity and patience. In the midst of all the ups and downs of family living – and we should never underestimate these – this remains a love that is best replenished by being given away.”

Read the full Pastoral Letter here.