Catholic Youth Ministry

“Youth ministry is more than a program; it’s a relationship between the parish and its young members.  At its heart, there is a pattern of listening, caring, responding and sharing”
(Tom East: 2003)

The Catholic Youth Ministry Project is a deanery training course that offers parishioners in Bromley the opportunity to learn specialist skills and experience in youth ministry. The course, which began in March 2014 and will run for three years, aims to develop a collaborative strategy for youth ministry among all parishes in Bromley deanery and hopes to address many of the key issues in youth faith formation facing the Church today.

Background to the project

The transmission of faith and story is vital to the ongoing health of the Church. However, parishes are experiencing real difficulties in sustaining the faith experience for young people following Holy Communion. Maintaining and developing good relationships with young people as they grow and mature is made even more difficult due to the lack of a Catholic secondary school in the borough of Bromley.

Consultation with priests and parishioners in the Bromley deanery has revealed a growing need for specialist skills and resources in youth ministry to enable effective communication and connection with the young people in their parishes.

The project has a strong focus on collaboration among all parishes in Bromley to promote and enable the sharing of ideas, experience and best practice. Through working together as a deanery, it is hoped that the course will foster the essential elements of challenge, momentum and continuity required to implement an effective and sustainable youth ministry programme. 

The training programme

The course is delivered by the Conforti Institute and has been adapted from the Center for Ministry Development’s Youth Ministry Studies programme, which is internationally recognised and developed from the American Bishops’ Conference.

There are nine modules on the course, which are taught over three weekends each year and cover areas such as practices and principles of youth ministry, prayer and worship, justice and peace, skills for Christian leadership, peace and reconciliation, pastoral care, evangelisation and catechesis. Each module aims to effectively and practically communicate the skills, tools and techniques needed to creatively engage in the ministry of young people.

Progress and development

Nine parishes from Bromley deanery have joined the Catholic Youth Ministry Project and, from these parishes, 39 individuals are currently participating on the course. Having successfully completed the first two modules, course participants have begun the process of formulating and developing a strategy for youth ministry in their parishes and are planning activities and events as a deanery for the coming year.


Various youth events are organised throughout the year, supported by the Catholic Youth Ministry participants.
Contact: the Parish Office on 020 8402 0459 or check the Parish Website for future events.

If you would like to know more about the project, please contact:
Susan Longhurst, Course Coordinator:
Tel: 07773 689535