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Deacon Barry pledges to Live Below the Line to raise funds for the world’s poor

Deacon Barry Mellish is embarking on a diet with a difference to raise funds that will help address extreme poverty and inequality. Read more →

Survey seeks your views on reflect on marriage and family life

You may have read or heard about the Synod Of Bishops meeting that is due to take place this October in Rome. We all have a chance to influence the Synod on marriage and the family by completing a simple survey. You can find the survey here.

Journey in Faith members celebrate Rite of Election at St George’s Cathedral

Five members of our Parish Journey in Faith group, together with their godparents and sponsors, have taken part in a vibrant and joyful celebration – the Rite of Election. This is a pivotal moment in their journey of faith and an occasion of great significance in the life of the diocese.


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Which organisations should we refuse to work with? An ethical and moral dilemma


This case directly concerns myself and others who work or used to work in business and industry. I was a technical consultant working for a computer company involved with the selling of computers and storage systems. By themselves computers do nothing – they are morally neutral, they require people to turn them on and use them. It is how and why they are used that can change this – they can be used for good or evil. The question is, what should I do when I know that the system is being sold to a company whose ethics or purpose is completely opposite to that which I believe in? Read more →

Lent: a time to review our lives before God


On the first Sunday of Lent, the gospel speaks of a time of solitude for Jesus in the desert immediately after His baptism. Jesus was driven by the Spirit into the desert to spend forty days. ‘Forty’ is a number often associated with intense spiritual experiences.
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Lent is a time for developing and deepening good habits


Nearly 60 years ago, during a retreat for school boys, a Jesuit Priest offered us the following guide for living: place an act, form a habit; form a habit, develop a character; develop a character, reach your destination.

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Sister Maria Carla marks 50 years since making first vows

Sister Maria Carla has celebrated her Golden Jubilee Mass of Thanksgiving for her First Vows. Read more →